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An act of willfully terminating the progress of biological development from between the time after conception of a new biological life-form and before its birth or exposure to unassisted life, via chemical or physical means.

Cultural ethics issue: Within the United States of America much debate flows from the issue of whether abortion is considered wrong due to the termination of what already is or could be considered a human individual by its mother/carrier.

Pro-Choice activism originates from the philosophy that a pregnant individual and carrier of a fetus has the fundamental right to decide what happens to their body system and any life-form that it supports.

Pro-Life activism originates from the philosophy that an individual fetus is in fact, human, and possesses basic human rights;also, the pregnant carrier of such fetus (or human individual) does not have the right to determine if it's existence should be terminated.

The answer to the debate about this issue comes down to the question of: "When does a genetically human life-form become considered an individual and possessor of basic human rights?"
A carrier of an unwanted pregnancy or fetus, willfully receives an induced abortion of that fetus through induced labor, chemical inhibition, or physical extraction.
- Induced Labor: Prostaglandin injection to start uterus contraction.
- Chemical: Hypertonic Saline solution injected in utero
- Physical: Suction aspiration of the womb (early)/ or severing of the umbilical cord.
by Noob-Philosopher August 03, 2010
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