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An American philanthropist 1863-1945
Before 1932, Indigo Willie was a widely unknown personality. However, his speech outlining the effects of bestiality on Military personnel in said year launched him to stardom.
From there, his Jazz career took off and he became the kazoo player for Duke Ellington's Orchestra during the band's stay at the Cotton Club.
Billy Joel wrote a song about him called "Why are you against the animals?" The song has since outraged Indigo's family and it is said that they have hired several contract killers to go after Joel.

In his later years, Indigo Willie became addicted to masturbation and died by choking on his own seminal fluid in his humble West Chester, PA, mansion.
1: How do you feel about bestiality?
2: Well I'm no Indigo Willie, but it kind of disgusts me
1: Yeah, I feel the same way.
by Andrew Valentine December 22, 2010
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