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An area approximately 25 minutes north of Pittsburgh. Some would consider Indiana Twp the middle of nowhere, but for the people that grew up there it is a paradise featuring places like the ropeswing, Dorseyville Middle School, Mr. C's Pizza (formerly Don's pizza). Part of Indiana Township is technically not in Pittsburgh, PA, half of it is in Cheswick, PA, but that doesn't mean the Steeler pride is non-existent. If you drive through Indiana Township on a Sunday during football season, you will see windows filled with terrible towels and signs rooting for the hometown team. Indiana Township is also home to Emmerling Park, where Indiana Township Youth is held every year. ITBA (Indiana Twp. Baseball Association) plays all of their games at Emmerling Park. Due to's rules I am not allowed to say any full names, but Indiana Twp. is home to many great people including Chester, Beagleman, and Don.
Yinz staying in Indiana Township ta watch the Stillers game?

Nah man, I love ITWP, but I'm going dawn ta Lambros Launge ta watch the game. Either way dem Stillers are gonna put a hurtin on dem Cleveland bastards.
by Dan (former Mudcat) June 19, 2008
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