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Over bearing matriarchial figures who want you to be desperately unhappy in your life because you won't be able to live it the way YOU want- no, everything in your life has to please THEM.

Melodramatic, melancholy and depressing (if not depressed themselves 95% likely) Indian mothers push their children too hard and want you to be either:
1. A doctor
2. An engineer
3. A lawyer
4. A dentist
Hysterical when accused of a fault, stubborn and demanding, they will make you do all the chores and then criticise you and tear you personality to that you won't HAVE a personality. They want to grind you down into a conforming indian guy/girl to carry on the stupid traditions and culture that have been running for 9482429 years. People get with the program!
Highly critical and suspicious, if you have ever smoked, taken drugs or had sex, they will find out.... somehow and if you ever dare to date anyone from outside your race.. GOOD LUCK you'll need it!

They will kick you out of the house or cut you off if you don't follow their plans for you. Great at manipulating and using emotional blackmail.
they're such indian mothers...they don't let their kids go out and they make them study all the time, even at night.
by BritChick30 November 01, 2010
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