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A person who tries to be secretive about stalking, however, they make it too obvious to everyone that they stalked a someone. They will try to talk their way out of it in any way, whether they have to make something up, or they make themselves the innocent one.
Stalker: *Sends a picture of the street a person lives on.*
Stalker: "Hey, I got lost, and I stumbled upon this street haha."
Person: "So you followed them to their house?"
Stalker: "No, I got lost in a forest and ended up here"
Person: "But there's no forest remotely near their house."
Stalker: "Dude chill. I don't understand what's wrong with you."
Person: "You know, you're acting like an indenial stalker right now."
Stalker: " Fine, fuck you. You're literally the stupidest person in the world."
by Vansea April 21, 2018
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