Verb. The act of a corporation, organization, or general entity ending support for a public service, platform, or product, most closely associated with technology and internet services. The phrase alludes to the generic corporate doublespeak businesses will oftentimes use when describing their platform or product in an announcement of its imminent demise, to paint it as an undisputed success that benefited the lives of everyone involved, that inexplicably needs to cease to exist a week from now for no particular reason.

Also written as "Incredibly Journeyed/Journey'd" for past tense, and "Incredible Journeying" for present tense.
"Since we launched our compulsory social media livestream environment three years ago and forced you all to migrate and consolidate your accounts to keep using the services you actually care about, we have hosted a countless number of unforgettable experiences between our loyal users, and we are eternally grateful for the connections and memories that have been created on this platform."
"Ah, shit, I'm only one sentence into this announcement post, and I can already tell they're about to Incredible Journey this site."
by notactuallyburnieburns April 15, 2022
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