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The users on youtube that always end a sentence with "Ha ha"
"Did anyone see how big his jin was when he was like how aare you two ha ha.ο»Ώ"

"I don't get this shit, how the fuck can TuPac claim West Side but he aint even from the West Side? He was born in New York and he moved to West Side and tried to claim that shit? Does that sound right. Naw. Tupac tryna claim West Side. Fuck dhat. STILL WEST SIDE ALL DAIII!
Compton &ο»Ώ Long Beach. Im f3nd to jam to Jin Nd Juice right now. HA HA. "

" hahahahahahahaha ur face atο»Ώ 2:13 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha "
- Inconsiderate Jerk
by Misutā Biggu January 18, 2010
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