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1. (n) A douchebag, usually a minority of low income with multiple children, or other people's children that they've claimed as their own for income tax purposes, that receive large sums of money around late January to early April from income tax refunds. They are usually recognizable by the large amounts of money spent on foolish items such as jewelry, rims, clothes, and other personal things other than bills and debt. These "ballers" carry themselves as if they were wealthy for about 1 week out of the year, and go back to being unintelligent degenerate, low life, drains on society for the other 51 weeks of the calendar year. They usually have very low FICA scores, and live in low-income housing. Most of the time taking advantage of and crippling federal programs designed to help poverty stricken or disabled persons, such as Federal Welfare, Food Stamps, and Medicaid Health Insurance.
Dave: Have you seen Johnny's new fresh fit?

Jeff: Yeah I heard he got back 7G's this year, and also got some 22's on his ride.

Dave: Yeah, Too bad he drives a 91' Geo Storm, and lives in Section 8.

Jeff: True, they just repo'd his recliner from Rent a Center.

Dave: That dude's Income Tax Trash.

Jeff: Don't give broke people money, they don't know how to act.
by Slamd96ex February 07, 2011
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