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A video game made by a Lion King enthusiast, KovuLKD. Simply rendered lions and keyboard controls, the game began as a gift for a fellow fursona-owner, a one-player fighting game. However, as he experimented with it further, he went on to make a multiplayer option. As internet came into the picture, TLKFAA (The Lion King Fanart Archive) members far and wide began to play. Servers would crash from the sheer amount of players. As demand grew, the game itself improved. People generally used the game for roleplay and chatting, though others used it for making presets and their own maps/worlds. Played mostly by furries of unusually young age or by adults, the fandom for the game grew to be so large that once the game ended, the fandom lived on. Many recreations and attempts to reawaken the game have occurred since then, in particular "Feral Hearts", also made by KovuLKD with the intent of a better multiplayer game.
Developments in this strange subculture included vampire lions, the fight over whether canines should be included, the great exclusion of players younger than 13, the addition of "items" and animals to hunt, the great issue of public presets, how to make invisible teeth, the double jump, huge prides of OCs, the addition of scene/emo hair to lions, the auto-updater, the addition of a million facial expressions, the option of lip-syncing, friend lists, teleportations, /me commands, and many others.
Furry: Hey man, have you heard of impressive title?
Non-Furry: No, what the heck has the name "impressive title"?
Furry: Only the best free role playing game for furries!
Non-Furry: That doesn't even sound half good.
by xxMikuxx November 02, 2013
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