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A person who is in all honors classes and thinks that you will have no future if you do not go to Harvard. Tends to believe that nothing matters except getting all A+'s. Does not think independently, whatever the teacher teaches them, they believe. Rejects anybody who gets less than a B+, and hates anybody in 'standard' classes. This person is most likely either white and/or asian.
CP Student: "Bro, do you listen to hip hop?"

Ignorant Honors Student: "No way you stupid idiot! I'm not black and that hip hop crap supports violence!"

CP Student: "Umm... You don't have to be black... and real hip hop doesn't support violence."

Ignorant Honors Student: "I'm way too gifted to be talking to you!"

CP Student: "Well do you listen to Jimi Hendrix?"

Ignorant Honors Student: "Who is Jimi Hendrix?"

CP Student: "Wow, you are so ignorant."

Ignorant Honors Student: "My teacher says I'm smart!"
by The Roots February 04, 2011
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