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First you stick an ice cream cone (or 2) up your partner or sex buddy's anus. Then you take a shit right in the cone. After that you will then stuff the whole cone including the poop into your mouth all the way until your face is their butt hole. After that whoever ate the poop will eject it out of there mouth all over themselves. The other person will then wipe it down with their tongues thus the name is ice cream wipe down. This is recommended for the older sex lovers. Preferably 55 and up. The poop has been scientificaly proven to heal wrinkles, and this does not require teeth.
6 year old: Grandpa why do you smell like shit

Grandpa: me and your grandma just had an ice cream wipe down.

6 year old: But how does ice cream make you smell like shit.

Grandpa: because an ice cream wipe down is when your grandpa eats a cone of shit out of your grandma's asshole and then throws it up all over the place and gets eaten by grammy.

6 year old: Ill have to share that with all my friends at school.
by oldmansex Aka Bigdaddy July 04, 2009
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