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1. Someone engaged in the cultivation and harvest of various forms of frozen water, principally in Norway.

Traditional occupation and trade of the majority of Norwegian people, ice is the principal export of Norway, which in turn, is the main supplier of ice in Europe. Those in the trade distinguish 27 canon varietals of ice, with dozens of regional or dialect-based subtypes.

2. Norwegian slang - pejorative - a redneck or country person.
1. Bjorn: What does your dad do?

Dino: He's an ice farmer.

Bjorn: Does he do sludd? (sleet - a variety of ice)

Dino: Helvete! That's just skitten snΓΈ! (dirty snow)

2. Bjorn: That Gypsy stole my phone!

Kristin: You sound like a damn ice farmer.
by helvete March 07, 2013
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