A band that had Stefan Abingdon and Dru Wakely in it from The Midnight Beast. They played what most consider rock music, but also played slower songs. This band is long broken up, but you can still find some of their music on youtube. They didn't make it far, but if you wish to see newer bands by some of the band members you can listen to The Midnight Beast or Chapters. Their name also is a joke about Icarus from greek mythology. Icarus's father made him fake wings and he flew too close to the sun and burned up.
1. OMG Icarus Burning is an amazing band, don't you think?!

2. Did you know Stefan from Icarus Burning was from several other bands? Such as, The Clik Clik, The Midnight Beast, Chapters, and Perfect People?
by A Major TMB fan! September 16, 2010
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