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A character who plays MAN-ly sports, and must be a beast at it. Determined to be the greatest. Will always make a serious matter into a joke, somehow. Such a nice guy, caring, loving, smart, and ambitious. Ian Namu will never fail to make you laugh, or at least smile in any case scenario. One of the most handsome guy you will ever meet. There sure is no other Ian Namu in this world. Ian Namu isn't fond of spelling, as a matter of fact, can't spell. But it's okay. When you lay eyes on Ian Namu, your heart will melt because his smile lights up the skies with shooting stars. This guy is the most faithful and utmost great guy you could be friends with. He is such an athlete, you would be impressed by the size of his... shoes. Ian Namu can knock you down a cliff if he wanted to, but he would help you back up. He is such a clown and many people act like they hate him but secretly love him. Once he is in your life, he will never leave even if you think he did. If he can make you laugh once, it causes you to think twice. He will admit that he isn't perfect, he will not quote poetry. No one can change him, because he is who he is. Smile when he makes you happy. Perfect guys don't exsist, but this one does. Too bad he has a girl in his life that he's going to marry in some years to come. Ian Namu, a 6'0" hottie. Hammah dolo.
Ian Namu?

oh you mean that hawt guy.
by themostinsanestinsanityy January 10, 2013
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