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Ads that aren't new but have recently been appearing on pretty much every site on the internet. They usually read like this...

(insert celebrity name here) has an IQ or (insert fake IQ score here). Can you beat them?

The fake celeb IQ usually ranges between 110 and 130, so above average. There are some which are a bit lower or higher though.

These are mainly chances for companies to waste your time and have you give them your e-mail address so that they can spam you with shit.

I see an IQ Test Ad on every single site that I go to, every one. I wonder which company it is that puts these out? They must be loaded to buy all of this ad space.
by Bloodbath 87 March 12, 2009
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A common type of banner advertisement that asks a relatively moronic or unusual question, usually with two variants. These banners are usual non-dynamic GIFs or other image formats, creating the illusion of choice for the less-knowing Internet users.

Most of them also include a percentile statistic, often one that defies the question itself - if it is an opinion question. Most of these questions come from Hong Kong of all places.
IQ Test Ad:

What does this picture look like to you?


94% of answerers didn't get it correctly.

Free IQ test!
by gertoja April 26, 2010
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