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On IMVU, most of them are faggots. They think they're really cool because of the way they dress. Also, they are all clones. They all buy the same exact clothing because they think wearing retarded clothing makes them look so super fly and awesome. No it does not. They usually have retarded signs above my head, most of them saying 'bite me' or some shit like that. Most of their signs are equal to the other signs emofags have over their heads.

They have pretty retarded come backs. If one were to mess around with an emofaggot, this might be one their comebacks: They would claim to not be Emo when they clearly have the word 'Emo' in their name.

They all have the same hairstyles, clothing (skinny jeans and a shirt that probably has x's and black and pink hearts on them).

Their favorite things: Cookies, rainbows, cupcakes e.t.c.

Their music is literally a faggot screaming into a microphone. Most of their music is depressing and most of the time, the literal meaning of the song is either about suicide or sexual activity.

Oh and last but not least, most of them are bisexual because they think it's 'hot'.
This would be a normal converstation between two IMVU Emos:


xxEmoPrincessxx: haaai o-o
XxXiEmoxX: hai <3
xxEmoPrincessxx: *nibbles on a cookie* x3
XxXiEmoxX: Is it a rainbow cookie? XO

xxEmoPrincessxx: YUH<3

XxXiEmoxX: I want cupcakes nao. :3
by PotterRocks May 08, 2010
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