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1) Huge events that take place during the month of may due to a student's will to pursue a higher education; or he/she can't dosen't give a fuck but their parents are douches who make them do it anyway.

2) Examinations that make all candidates shit their pants studying, yet are not the actual Cambrige set exams.

3) A method of torture/examinations, involving the tearing of a new asshole, that rewards the victim/student with a certificate worth shit, that displays their level of achievment/stupidity.

4) A series of examinations only accessible to international students (rich punk bitches), in which all candidates are innevitabely fucked for.
Guy not taking the IGCSE Mock Examinations: "Greetings fellow student. Are you available this may for some major partying?"
Rich punk bitch: "Appologies old chap, but I will be taking my IGCSE examinations."
Guy not taking the IGCSE Mock Examinations: "Dude, you're fucked"

Guy not taking the IGCSE Mock Examinations: "Hey man, why are you walking sideways?"
Rich punk bitch: "I sat my IGCSEs last month"

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