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Used in medical offices via E-mail on scripts, By Constables On Patrol, Txt sending from off location areas to partners on crew. When they “lock themselves out” of quick pmsg ideas. It’s fun for gaming too. Good to shorten excessive txt usage and 2 page letters;)
RE: J & K Productions on ICTM&CR Message Board
U can UL UR Pecker 2 UR Own Arse in a Jon Lee fashion IAE: R U Smarter than a 5th grader Brain? I’ll give you a few to go by if you do not have the reff manual handy;) You’ll end up w/a :-!
(K)(l)®? Alpha 3.14….PM.

AFAIU. 2MI. BTW. IAW. NCG. NE1. IJWTK. IJWTS. INPO. BIF. DRIB. @TEOTD. AAMOI. GL. OAUS. :@? :o, @>-;-, (((H))), TTBOMK. TFTT. OOI. TP. SLM. REHI. RTM. RYS. PXT. FRD. R&D. RLCO. SMEM. SOL/TBM. TC. TA. T+. WRT. IBTD. MRA. KWIM. IMA. FYI. IC. IIR. BOL. BC. HRU. CRB. IMU. IIMAD. IKWUM. MWBRL. IJWTS(I just want to say). HAGN. HRU? IAE. INPO. I h2cus or TBA-TIMTOWTDI (theirs more than one way to do it) N2M, W/NP. F2F ACK. AYEC & AMEC. IF U <3 M3 CID. I’m not Ok with how every thing is. IJWTS. IL’dU SOS. P&C. OWTTE. YCT T+(think positive) SOL (sooner or later) PCM. IMU man. TGAL. UR M<0> BFF. A PHN call 2me is1/2way. NUFF. RLCO Requested by sender. Take 2 (((H))) QID w/some<3& call me in the am.
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