A call and response rallying cheer known to all students and alumni of the University of Illinois (the REAL one, in Chambana) and heard not only at sporting events, but also, as rumor has it, in random locations throughout the world such as Disney World, the Wisconsin Dells, or Rome.

Someone will yell "I-L-L" and everyone in hearing yells back "I-N-I," thus successfully spelling the team name, Illini (or fighting Illini, so named for military veterans). Often repeated many times in succession.

Sometimes the leader is a cheerleader or a drunk person, but this is not required. If the first part is yelled, the reply must be loud and automatic or you didn't really go to this school.

Copied by the University of Missouri who believe their team name (Tigers) and/or state name (Missouri) is spelled "M-I-Z Z-O-U."

Along with "Oskee Wow-Wow," this serves not only as a cheer, but also as a friendly greeting among Illini (often recognized by their Chief Illinwek gear) and a great conversation starter. Serves the purpose of a secret handshake in helping to identify potential allies.
Cheerleaders: I-L-L!
Crowd: I-N-I!
Cheerleaders and Drunk Guy: I-L-L!
Crowd: I-N-I!
*team does something embarrassing*
Drunk Guy: I-L-L!
*crickets chirp*
Drunk Guy: I-L-L!
Person in front of Drunk Guy: i-n-i?

Stranger 1: (notices Chief logo across busy street) I-L-L
Stranger 2: (not knowing who yelled at them) I-N-I!!!

Funeral Director: That's a nice orange and blue tie. I-L-L.
Dead alumnus: I-N-I.
Funeral Director: So what was your major?
Dead alumnus: Engineering. You?
Funeral Director: ....

*Chaos reigns in the streets and violent mobs are forming due to the zombiepocalypse. A lone person cries out: I-L-L? Instantly, a group of 25 Illinois alums rush to the rescue, shouting their battle cry: I-N-I!!!! as they bash in zombie heads and continue on their merry way with their new member, yelling "I-L-L I-N-I" all the while.*
by Bring Back the Chief March 14, 2012
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