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Someone who is so lazy and has so much downtime on their hands they turn on their kids. They think their child has ADD, Autism, or ADHD, when really their kid is putting sugar in their Mt. Dew and jumping off the walls for fun and out of boredom. The solution for these parents, is more stimulants in the form of Adderall, psyche meds, and to have the psychiatrist babysit. Too bad you can't just dump your kids off with a therapist. If parents think Ecigs lead to cigarette smoking. What do think Adderall leads to?
Charlotte: I don't know what to do. After sitting on my ass for five days and reading the internet, I think my child has some exotic, form of manic, bipolar, schizotypal, ADHD.
Jo Frost The SUPER NANNY: (takes a drink out of child's sipee cup). Are you kiddin me. There is Sweetened Mt. Dew in your child's sipee cup. Come on now. You, Charlotte, are a Hypokidreact.
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by HearMyName June 16, 2018
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