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A pronunciation of "white" where the H is enunciated, largely used as an affectionate reference and in-joke among the alt-lite and alt-right about the way high class race realist Jared Taylor pronounces "white". Heard among alt right facebook groups and often said by Gavin McInnes when speaking of Jared Taylor. Sorry, never heard it used in a mocking or disdainful way in my life. Smells like lefty bullshit to me.
Jared Taylor "You're quoting me precisely and you're imitating me brilliantly!"
Gavin McInnes "Thank you, well that's because I'm.. huwhite."
Jared Taylor "Ah you're merciless!"

Google "Jared Taylor "HuWhite" Compilation"
by Arya Love December 13, 2017
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Also spelled "huite". The general ethnic group of white people.

This pronunciation is used by skeptics, Classical Liberals, conservatives and rationalists usually in the context of mocking the Alt-Right, race realists, and White Nationalists. It is generally used to express disdain at the idea of a pure, White America, and to dismiss Alt-Right ideas.
"Man, I wake up too early, there's no coffee, and then this dude starts dumping on my Twitter feed about his 'huite nation'!"

"Oh yeah...Richard Spencer. Mr. 'Huwhiteness' himself. Personally, I like my country with variety."

"Look, I've heard all this before; you wanna secure your Huwhite future for your Huwhite babies and Huwhite nation. Well, sir, I don't give a damn–I like olive skinned ladies and that's that!"
by rogue.guineapig August 14, 2017
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