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Hurt is a small country town in central Virginia. It is a part of Pittsylvania county and is a small dot on a map. There is a population of 5,000 people, most of which are either rednecks or old people.

Hurt is an extremely exciting place to live; The only things in Hurt worth mentioning are the post office and the nasty Japanese restaurant that used to be good. You actually have to go to a neighboring town to find anything to do. The nightlife includes, "hangin' at Food Lion" or if you are cool enough, "chillin' at the Freeze". The especially dumb people tend to attend field parties and get drunk because there is nothing better to do.
Hurt is conveniently located 30 miles from any store other than Wal-Mart (getting a Wal-Mart was the biggest thing that ever happened to this town.) and you have to drive an hour to get to any decent shopping. If you are considering moving to Hurt or Altavista, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
Example 1-
Chris: Hey man, what's up tonight?
Ben: Nuthin much, just chillin' at the freeze.
Travis: Hey guys, I'm new to the area. I live over in Hurt, what is there to do around here?
Chris: Drive up and down Main Street or park somewhere and try to look cool. That's what you do if you live in Hurt, Va
by stuck in loserville. December 30, 2010
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