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A Hungry hunter is an elusive, cunning, and persistent foreigner who knows no boundaries when it comes to the pursuit of pleasant Chinese girls. They commit the most explosive cases of infidelity ever recorded. They display neither temperance nor virtue while answering the undisputed call of human nature. They cruise around the boulevards most popularly known for attracting the most common types of explicit human fare, sluts.

Tired of unwilling participants and being in the dark there's
no denying the deceitful conduct as they descend upon antagonize and instigate unexpected scenes of mayhem whilst hoping to strike gold.

Their prey quickly scampers and attempts to jet off, but once apprehended becomes somewhat frisky, and is easily led straight back to his house. These undesired advances generate an appearance of delight from the pleasant girls.

They appear to get a kick out of being sadistic and are clearly on the verge of derangement, emotionally unstable, grossly restless meanwhile keeping salvation within reach. Their path of redemption requires exiting from the back gate where you can only begin to see their depth of deception as they become wild and uncontrolled making a clean break.

*One trademark worth noting is the occurrence of out of town assignments.
My friend Alec once found himself in a lonely city of 14 million people, experiencing culture shock and lack of affection, but he developed his Hungry Hunter persona and put an end to his dry spell.
by Flounder pounder November 27, 2010
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