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A school where most of the populous are douchebags and think that they are either hippies or they have the right and think its funny to kick other males testicles. Many of the staff are also douchebags and or older than 500(i think of you have this class you know what i am talking about) but thete are some staff that are cool. Many a time relationshits start between not excactly the right peiple and then all of the students feel akward around that couple and it usually ends in a week. Many female douchebags have tried to be bitches to all guys that have come thier way.STOP YOU ARE ASSHOLES AND FAT PEOPLE AND DONT TRY TO FUCKIN BE YOURSELVES BECAUSE YOU ARE BIG ASS PROBLEMS
Joe cool:hey did you here that hughes middle school is the place to go if you wanna be mauled by a future prostotite?
Kevin: really? I thought it was the place where douchebags wear slippers for shoes.
Joe cool: yeah, that too
by I HATE CHARLES January 09, 2010
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