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The Hoykens Ratio represents the duration of a television show that a viewer is hypothetically willing to subject themselves to in comparison to watching a half hour episode of The Big Bang Theory. For example, a viewer may be willing to watch four hours of public executions of innocent children instead of watching half an hour of The Big Bang Theory. A negative value would indicate that a viewer would prefer to kill themselves instead of watching the proposed program. This is rare, but possible as indicated by the -2 value assigned to 2 Broke Girls.

This ratio was discovered by Bruno Hoyken in 2007 after watching and episode of the Big Bang Theory. The morning of the day he had watched the premiere episode of the series he had been staring at the sun and realised that they were equally as pleasant to watch. He assigned the show a value of one, a value equal to staring at the sun.

The units for measuring the Hoyken's ratio is Lamency.

For a full list of Lamency values refer to the Idiotic Table.
The Shopping Network has a Hoyken's Ratio of between 12 to 16, depending on the product and the attractiveness of the presenter.
by Dr Hoigle July 02, 2012
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