A contraction for “how is it?” Or “how is it going?”
Max: Howzit Adam?
Adam: Good, I just placed first on Fortnite.

Mom: Emma, try my new cookie recipe.
(Emma takes a bite)
Mom: Howzit?
Emma: It’s really good. Try one Dad.
Dad: It looks burnt.
Mom: Why don’t you just eat the dough then?
Dad: I would but you won’t let me!
Mom: (sigh)
Emma: Are you getting a divorce?
Dad: No Emma, over baked cookies are not grounds for a divorce.
Mom: Funny.
Emma: (crying)
Mom: Wutzit?
Dad: Emma, Mom and I are just messing with each other.
Emma: It’s not that...I chipped a tooth!
Dad: Ha! Umm...sweetie, call the dentist.
by man-at-arms August 04, 2018
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