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The act of living in a urban area of Howell,MI and thinking your from the deep south. Howell Hicks like to wear their boots, wear flannel shirts and are most know for their Confederate flag on their belt buckles,hats and trucks. Most of the "Hicks" are extremely racist even though they probably haven't seen a black man in person their whole lives. These "Hicks" chew tobacco while in the presence of other hicks but when they are alone they wont touch the stuff. If you ever run into a uneducated,racist individual they might be a Howell Hick.
Andrew- Man I love my new truck
Nick- cool, got a dip?
Andrew- of course im a rebel
Nick- yeah we are boots and all
Andrew-I hate black people

Nick- Yea me too


Andrew- that chew is nasty
Nick- yea it is but we fit in if we do it
Andrew- My uncles black
Nick- I dont really hate black people either
Andrew- Yea i see a few in Meijer because i live behind it in the apartments.
Nick- Lets get our boots on schools about to start
Andrew- Were Howell Hicks
by Cockandballs69 May 16, 2011
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