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How d'ya like them apples, Charlie is not a question - it is a statement meaning "there you have it, there it is".
It is used when you beat someone, or prove that you are the bollocks, that you are the best, that you in fact, you are the King of whatever it was you did. It was made forever famous in the brilliant American movie M.A.S.H. when they are having an American football match and they are getting slaughtered by the opposing side. With not much longer to play, the 4077th MASH outfit's Colonel brings on a secret substitute, Spear-Trucker Jones, an enormous black professional football-player, and wins the bet he has with the opposing Colonel. When the opposing Colonel sees Spear-Trucker he is totally done, and the 4077th win - and that's when you hear the immortal line - How d'ya like them apples Charlie
It should be used for everything - whenever you can. It's great to say when you kick someone's ass in a video-game...!

Donald trump should have said it when he beat Hillary Clinton.

"How d'ya like them apples Charlie" - although he would have had to have changed it to "How d'ya like them apples Hillary?
Only someone like Donald could really get away with it.
Don: Well, more people voted for me and that's why I'm the President.
Hillary: But your an idiot.
Don; Not really, I'm a billionaire, I want America to be great again, and I'm a shrewd businessman. And everyone voted for me.
Hillary: Huh...
Don: Well there you have it... How d'ya like them apples Charlie ...(Hillary).
by SW6 July 12, 2018
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