a person. me. but it can also be used to refer to a chick that can cook like nobody's buisness and likes or has thought about pursuing the pussy.

most housewife vagina's have had bad experiences with men, therefore attracted to angelina jolie types and cook to relieve stress.

housewife vagina's also make great loving mothers but are a bit unconventional about it.

i coined that shit though.
because its me nigga.
"why do they call you housewife vagina?"

"because i can make bomb ass brownies."

"what about the vagina part?"

"hey man don't go askin questions just cuz i don't eat the meat."

"so why do you want your baby to have a blue mohawk? and why would you want to paint the white picket fence black?"

"because i'm housewife vagina niggabitch."
by Housewife Vagina February 4, 2010
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