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When a hot guy is so used to getting attention from girls that girls become a dime a dozen and he thinks he can get any girl. Could also be classified as a tool or a player.
Friend 1: How was your date last night?

Friend 2: It was cool but hes got hotboy syndrome. So i'm not expecting a call back.
by _goldlion January 13, 2011
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Hot Boy Syndrome (HBS) is a disorder when a male or female becomes so "obsessed" with hot guys that they are willing to go great lengths for them regardless of personality. People suffering from HBS are known to do everything from cheat for there lover to even fight other people for them.
Linsey fought Grace because grace has a crush on Rick. She totally has Hot boy Syndrome

Nick despises Dusty because she flirts with that hot guy. He can't help it. He has Hot Boy Syndrome

Wanda you have hot Boy Syndrome , all you do is talk about hot guys
by LK59 January 16, 2016
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