When you take a nasty dump then come out of the bathroom and give a warning to everyone in the immediate area not to go in their for the next 20 minutes. (Usually used in military circles.)
"Stay out of the latrine for a few. It's a Hot LZ in there right now!"
by MP Vet January 18, 2017
A girl you want to go out with but can't because she has an overly possessive EX-boyfriend.
Tina: I'm so over Charles! He treats me like shit, we should hang sometime ya? :)

You: Hahah ok! Ya sure! So there's a party this weekend?

Charles(walks up): Step off my girl fool!

Tina: Ohhh God! Charles! You're making me a Hot LZ!!!!
by Spibo-10806 July 8, 2010