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1. A group of 8 to 12 people engaged in a rampant Hot Karl orgy.

2. Vigorously Hot Karling on a gaggle of geese for fun and/or profit.

3. Any mix of people and geese Hot Karling the hell out of each other.

4. When the Poopchute Express pulls into the Saran Wrap Station for 8 to 12 lucky hussies.
"Hey guys, who else is going to the Hot Gaggle-athon tonight? I'm ready to get shitfaced--Literally!"

"Those fucking gooses were getting on the road again, so I stopped my car, got out, and had a steamy Hot Gaggle all over them."

"WANTED: People to assist in a Hot Gaggle. Geese and bran muffins will be provided. Participants must submit to a preliminary O-ring inspection before being allowed to shit on the faces of others."

"You mean Katie's been going to the weekly Hot Gaggles in Civic Park? What a hussy!"
by WhatTheJorge May 26, 2007
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