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A term coined at Ft. Lewis, WA. Used when referencing the lowest form of the female species, specifically fat, ugly, drunken women. Used in conjunction with the 1-10 scale of rating women.

7-10= IHOP
4-6= BK

Seeing in that no one likes hot chow, but one must succumb to its presence at least once in their life, it was deemed the lowest of the scale, and is the ultimate goal of any Ranger on a Saturday night.
"Dude, I'm totally going out for some hot chow tonight. I might even bring her back to the B's.

"That's fucking disgusting Renzulli, you're going to get the clap."
by Tubabuhst99 July 12, 2009
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When Soldiers get a hot meal in the field, they are happy because they can go days of eating MRE's (meal ready to eat). So a very sexy (Hot) female is referred to as "Hot Chow"
You and your buddies are at a club and you spot a beautiful woman. To let them all know, you yell "Hot Chow"
by sixft2ds March 26, 2016
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