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The most common and annoying way for a game to end in the Call of Duty 4. An unfortunate result of laziness and negligence on the part of the game developers.
1. The next map was Broadcast, and I saw that 4 people had voted to skip. I knew that if one of those voters turned out to be the host, he would quit and end the game for everyone, like a little bitch. Sure enough, the game started and then it said "It's a Draw- Host Ended Game"

2. When John saw the countdown timer at the beginning of the game start at 11, he knew he was the host. So, as soon as his team was ahead, he quit so the game would end and he'd have a win on his record. John also does this as soon as he starts losing a game. John is an asshole.

3. (Inifinty Ward development team meeting)
dev1- Hey guys, how can we make sure that everyone has a shitty and frustrating experience whenever they sit down to play? The game is great, but we need to screw the customer somehow.

dev2- I have an idea! Let's make it so that one player is the "host", and if he decides to quit, then the game is over!

dev1- That is a fantastic idea! Way to think outside the box! You're getting a raise.

dev2- Thank you sir. It's nice that we are all uncreative lazy-asses who can't implement a simple workaround for this issue!
by trumble November 07, 2009
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