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If you enjoy horror such as watching horror movies, games, stories; anything to do with horror. You enjoy it to the point that it's your passion, driving people to get weirded out by you when you talk about it, then you are a horror enthusiast.
Person 1: Hey, what did you do on the weekend?
Person 2: I watched a forty year old man kidnap worthless humans and chop them up severely, leaving them to die of blood loss. It was amazing!
Person 1: Okay...?
Person 2 : Yeah, I found the movie lying around in my attic and I literally fangirled at the gory parts. Though it was rated 4.5 out of 10 by movie critics, apparently the deaths being too realistic was a bad thing, which makes no sense.
Person 1 : Oh. You are such a horror enthusiast.
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by I am bittersweet August 28, 2017
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