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1) A person of Chinese descent; a Chinaman

2) any Oriental or Asiatic type

3) Anyone who strikes terror into the hearts of stray dogs and cats; a dogeater
Travis Brickley: "Raw fish? You keep eating that shit, you'll end up like Hop Sing over there - your eyes will slant....your dick will shrink up....and you'll open up a laundry!"
by Animal from another Mother March 03, 2008
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HOP SING, according to the 1994 Annual Report of the Attorney General of the United States,
A 48-count indictment against 19 members and associates of the Wo Hop To, a Hong Kong-based Triad, and the Hop Sing Tong, a
criminally-influenced Tong, was returned in San Francisco. The indictment marked the first time that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) statute had been used on the West
Coast against Asian Organized Crime figures.

HOP SING has been credited for several murders in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Mexican Mafia, MS 13, HOP SING TRIAD,
by Gang land names April 15, 2009
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