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AKA, Heroin Heights.
A small little village that is considered a part of Follansbee, West Virginia.
Full of heroin junkies, liars, theives, fools, and drug dealers. The majority of the population spend their time sitting on their fat asses, drinking RC cola, and smoking Pyramid cigarettes. Everyone knows everyone because they all get together and shoot up heroin and RC cola mixed together. Most of the people who reside on Hooverson dont have a job or a car, so they steal from their friends and familes and sell their possesions at the nearby pawnshop for drug money.

Things you often see on Hooverson Heights:
-People walking with a case of cheap beer
-Used hypodermic needles
-Young children stealing lawn ornaments
-Ambulances, cop cars, and firetrucks
Hey man, that girl must live on Hooverson Heights, she just tried to sell me some heroin.
by JJaySwaggins March 02, 2015
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