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a rural, sparsely populated town in western Pennsylvania most noted for the Hookstown Fair, South Side High School, and friendly people.
Hookstown, PA Hooterville Hickstown farm- The only place you can find cattle, funnel cake, carnival rides, and car shows all in one place in the last week of August.
by hookstowngirl January 11, 2009
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A very depressed town with very little money or business. Located in the hills very similar to a west virginia town. Well known for the hookstown fair, which is fairly large and the entire town attends. Very friendly people, but very high levels of alcoholism. There is nothing to do in this area, so many people drink for entertainment. Country music is the only music listened to. This is not the place to go for anything with a touch of prestige. Not the place to go to find beautiful people. Tons of disfunctional families live in this area.
Hookstown, pa is the West Virginia or Kentucky of PA.
by MarkD574 January 24, 2010
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