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When a hoodrat takes pics on counters pokin out her large flabby ass, pokes out her crusty lips that are covered in cheap lip gloss, pizza grease, or semen. Mugs the camera like she finna fight. Lifts her shirt too show off her blubbers of fat or ribs. She usually is twirling her short ass burnt off cherry uneven nappy at the roots hair or her blond long ass a motherfucker cheap ass $20 dollar horsehair weave... that she taped in with yellow tape.
Sydney: Hmm girl let's put these pics up on facebook so errbody can see how good we is lookin

Vicky: Right homegirl. Cause I know you def tryna hook up with Langston and you already know Joel is my boo.

5 minutes later at another home

Langston: Damn, you see these pictures Sydney put up. She think she look good but she doin them hoodrat poses.

Joel: Right and Vicky needa quit playin tryna rock that pink horsehair and then tight ass shorts

Langston: Right, I can see that bitches hair.

Joel: Holdup... is that tape??
by Lemonsz Lemonade October 31, 2010
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