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The act of getting hella keyed, baked, wasted, stoned, basted, dry, faded, high, drunk, plastered, smashed, shitfaced, zuited, gone, and intoxicated.

Also the act of getting hella dank pussy by a fine ass titty whore from da club on hoochieville street
Furook: Ay yo nigga i slapped dat ass all night

OJ: Dat ass? start to finish?

Furook: yea nigga first in da kitchen, then in yo aunt julie's livin room, then again in da bathroom while releasing da dukes

OJ: shavin dat ass?

Furook: My ass o ur ass?

OJ: nigga why would she be shavin my ass?

Furook: nigga my ass be so shaved it was kinda like da opposite of yo mommas pussy nipple hair?

Oj: nigga dammm! thats some hairry ass shit like tay tays puss puss? get that rite aid delux edition-cock..on sale?

Furook: Tay Tay got shot for being so hairy..nigga.

OJ: Dam was tay tay da hooch that was lickin uncle rodrod's ass?

Furook: Yea man you kno i had to get those hoochies before bed

OJ: dam you a smart hairy nigga
by Ryan, Grayson, Regina, Garrett September 25, 2009
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