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noun: The stain not uncommonly found at the bottom of women's underwear, which could result from Monistat, Vagisil or any other creamy feminine hygiene product that can be taken and result in leaving a yellowish-white stain on the bottom support of the panty. Often does not wash out.

Can also be used as a slanderous insult to imply that said women has loose sexual morals, especially if the user does their laundry.
Girl 1: "OMG, Brianna just got a car and an iPad for her 16th birthday! I am *so* jealous!"

Girl 2: "Um... yah, but she's nasty. When I spent the night, her mother put her on blast by saying that she couldn't wash the hoochie stains out of her underwear!"

Girl 1: "Ugck! Gross-!"


Ex-BF of Girl: "Hey. Now that her and I aren't together, you can have this-" -Throw Panties-

New BF of Girl: "Dude! Good looking out! Thank you-"

Ex-BF of Girl: "Don't thank me, she left a little present in there for ya."

-New BF is stunned to find a Hoochie stain in underwear-
by A_Funny_Definition_Actually October 23, 2011
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