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A species of homosapien believed to be extinct. At the start of the 20th century with the dawn of the car, there were in fact believed to be several (reproducing...?) species existing, but it was sure that by the 30's they were only a mystery.

It has now been used as an oxymoron to refer to a person that is clearly not what they seem like.

Recently, it has been used in conjunction with when the economy picks up.
A: "Dude, I swear she was hungry for some serious di-"
B: "-You'll find yourself an honest mechanic before you tap that. Admit it."


A: "I KNEW she wanted some, but I had to be home by 11. If I would have stayed I knew she would have gone all the way."
B: "You'll get yourself an honest mechanic like that when the economy picks up."
by Ultraturtle January 23, 2011
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