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The eve before Thanksgiving where all the losers you went to high school with converge on the same bar. This often results in one of the following scenarios:

1. You see the losers who have never left your hometown, they are all belligerently drunk, annoying, and think they are cool.
2. You meet up with the chick who was hot in high school and is still kind of hot so you try to bag her. You later find out she is the town prostitute/cum dumpster.
3. You run into an acquaintance who you haven't talked to in years and have the awkward "Hey! How are You? What have you been up to?" conversation.
4. You have a drink with your old football/ baseball coach who is now an alcoholic.
5. You try to bang your ex-gf or that chick who polished your knob once in 9th grade.
6. Bear spectacle to every guy simultaneously hitting on the young co-eds who came back from college just for the holiday.
Hey, lets go to the bar for Hometown Heroes night. I really want to smush Jane Doe, she gave me the best brains in 9th grade.
by Game Over Chump October 07, 2013
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