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A Holy five is when you perform an action so awesome, God himself has to give you a high five for it. A holy five also makes the earth shake, and in the most purely awesome cases, angels will begin to sing. It is said that when Chuck Norris appeared, he was awarded one single holy five thus creating the Chuck Norris we all know today. Holy fives rarely occur, but are the reason for most earthquakes in modern times.
#1: I just got really high, had a threesome, played my best game of CoD yet, while I was sitting on a chair made of money. All at the same time!
#2: Awesome bro!
*God's hand appears out of nowhere and gives #1 a highfive*
#1: What the awesome hell just happened?
#2: Holy five bro! But why is the earth shaking?
by Ultra-Nerd x January 15, 2012
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