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A fun party game to be played by boys. 2 - 20+ people can play.
1. A large cucumber is cut in half and using a knife, it is hollowed out to make a sort of container where liquids could be sorted temporarily.
2. The boys must all begin to masterbate at the same time.
3. When near orgasm/ejeculation, the boy must ejaculate into the cucumber so the semen is stored.
4. The game ends when all but one have ejaculated. They are the loser.
5. The loser must drop his pants and go on all fours, whilst the others attempt to fit the open end of the cucumber into his anus.
6. After it is inside it must be tipped up so the semen can pour out of it and into his cucumber-surrounded rectum. (An angle of 30+ degrees is recommended)
7. The game ends when all the semen has been emptied into the anus or after 5 minutes have past.
Person 1: "We have 30 minutes to kill, any quick games we could play?"
Person 2: "How about 'Hollow cucumber'?"
Person 1: "What a brilliant idea! I love that game!"
by Glby January 12, 2014
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