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A "hollister hottie" is a guy or girl that shops at Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, etc. These people are often very full of themselves, and belittle people that don't shop at hollister or look a certain way. Hollister hottie guys are very hard to please and only think of themselves. They will never make good husbands, fathers, or anything that a woman is really looking for. A female hollister hottie is the most over-rated woman a male hollister hottie parades around. A female hollister hottie is normally a clingy, over-jealous, naggy, pompous, vain jerk. Every hollister hottie is from the same cookie cutter mold and there is nothing special about them. All hollister hotties are arrogant and only date the people within the barbie and ken world they believe in. NEVER FALL FOR A HOLLISTER HOTTIE!!
Think Hollister and the people that go in...Those are braindead Hollister Hotties.
by Babble Babble Fish! :) October 16, 2009
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