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Townies,Hobo's, White Trash, Fake wanna be baller's that look for the daily drink specials and bottle service's such as discounted vodka's like Absolute, Gordons, Triple distilled gasoline etc. Hang out at the local tap and order dollar shots for everyone. Will only hang out at bars that give discounts or free drinks etc. People who where trends from 2-3 yrs ago and still think its hot.
Hey man I know the bar tender at this spot I got the hook up. Why go anywhere else, I get dollar shots! I got you man I got you know worries. Tonight I'm Hobo Ballin! Hey may the club has $80 dollar bottles of Gordon's Vodka man I will go half on a bottle man. Im Hobo Ballin tonight my guys at the door will hook it up. Let me valet my 1995 benz.
by Joey Chicago December 25, 2010
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