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Ho flirt is a girl who while not fucking any guy in sight will instead flirt to excessive lengths with said guys. Ho flirts are generally decently attractive girls who have finally become out going enough to flirt with random dudes. Ho flirts generally are found in a college setting where they aren't known well by the new guys around them and are away from family members who would look down at their "behavior" so they can create a new identity. Ho flirts will not last for an extended period of time as they will either end up in a relationship or discover the experience known as sexual intercourse. Once experiencing sex for the first time they will start to crave the cock and search for it endlessly giving them a label of thirsty. Ho flirts aren't to be confused with flirting ho's who take the flirting to the level of non stop sexual relations and blow jobs.
"Bro this girl literally flirts with every guy in the dorm"
"Ya man I know what you mean, she's such as ho flirt"
"Oh totally"
by cmp0526 September 16, 2013
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