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A more extreme forum of just simply being someone's bitch. Hitler bitches follow their "master" with a deep religious belief . They see their "master" as a god and will do anything to please their god. Blinded by their deep faith in their "master" they will support any actions or ideas of their "master" no matter how ignorant , selfish, unwise and unjustifiable they are. Hitler bitches are often not turned off back facts since they are to much of a deep obsession with their "master" that trying to make the "master" look bad is a personal attack.
Me: Oh my, these people will not shut the fuck up.

Friend: Don't bother trying to reason with these people. Every time you say anything against their candidate they will just scream his name over and over again in your face.

Me: Yeah your right. They are all just a bunch Hitler bitches.
by cbjax32 May 12, 2016
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