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It can be known or not it just has to be on a higher intellectual or emotional level than most. It has to leave you wanting to talk about it for ages because of how a character related to you or made you want to relate. Usually has Indie Music or songs popular music from the 80s.

Black & White Movies is a whole other branch, the classics basically. If it has some problem farthing opinions on political issues or historical events and was made long ago.
Steve: Oh hey Lee! Did you see 12 angry men?
Lee: No... Is it good?
Steve: Yeah! It was mainly talking about the problem of how many juries don't really care about the case at hand so they don't pay attention. In result, innocent people go to jail it's kind of heart breaking once you dwell on it
Lee: Hm... When was it made?
Steve: Somewhere in the 60s...
Lee: *sigh* You and your hipster movies Steve.

Elliot: Did you guys see Perks of Being a Wallflower?
Trisha: Yeah! I did actually. I think I cried like 10 times through the whole movie!
Elliot: Well... I didn't. Do you know what song was playing at the dance?
Trisha: Um.... Oh! You mean Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners.
Elliot: I Heard it was a one- hit wonder back in the 80s.
by DazeDanDboreD May 17, 2013
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